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The Jack Rose Hotel is so much more than merely a place to rest one’s head, it’s evolving into a destination which shows it cares. “We aim to bring sociality back to Rosebank, stated Duv Chiger – JR CEO, in an interview with Naidine Sibanda of The Rosebank Killarney Gazette, “at the same time support NGOs, arts and crafts.”

We are currently liaising with Johannesburg Children’s Home to retain their art which is currently on display in our foyer and atrium, to sell it on their behalf to raise much needed funds.

Johannesburg Children’s Home Art on display in the foyer
Art in the Atrium


In addition to our affordable, spacious rooms, we welcome our newest addition – the lifestyle restaurant Patio@10. Not only does this fabulous restaurant offer daily specials and breakfasts… but it is about to specialise in Portuguese cuisine! Keep your eyes peeled for further information.

A healthy or traditional breakfast – alfresco enjoying the warm rays of the sun or indoors – the choice is yours


Do not hesitate book your room today and take advantage of our affordability and easy accessibility to the buzz of the city and the peace of the suburbs.

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