Rosebank’s origins: Did you know?

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Rosebank originated as a portion of the farm Rosemill Orchards in 1896. The farm was owned by a Mr Lorenco and despite many searches we have not managed to uncover any more about the owner.


Tyrwhitt Ave, home to The Jack Rose, according to the website was known as 2nd Ave prior to being renamed. Allegedly, the avenue was an accolade to World War 1 hero – Commodore Sir Reginald Tyrwhitt.

Our building too, is steeped in history and its facade cannot be changed. In addition, our rooms are spacious and have really solid walls which block out all the noise of the city.

The privilege of being situated in the heart of Rosebank means that our guests can choose from many activities which predominantly involve the outdoors and enjoying the fresh air.


“Rosebank is a highly walkable district,” states Alice Cabaret in her analysis of Johannesburg’s pedestrian life and walking spaces (Back to the Streets: Exploratory research on pedestrian life and walking spaces in the Greater Johannesburg area ) “Rosebank is outdoors and pedestrian friendly. Due to its compact size, visitors, residents and employees are able to walk the area, enjoying the outdoor atmosphere, en-route to their destination” , she adds.

Whether your visit to Johannesburg is a workcation or a staycation, The Jack Rose offers so much more than merely a room. All you have to do is ask our friendly receptionists and they will find the answers you require. Don’t hesitate book today or call +27108240876 or WhatsApp your information request to +2766543882.

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