Going to the Movies: The Next Chapter

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Life takes a new turn in the next chapter of The Book Club (2023)

We really are beginning the next chapter of our lives. With the advent of Covid and all its repercussions, it’s been quite a while since we’ve chatted about the movies!

Therefore, it has been an absolute treat to sit down and write a review. This time around, I chose the full cinema experience rather than attending a press screening. I wanted to explore the reasons as to why people prefer home entertainment setups as opposed to attending a screening at the cinema.

The BIG SCREEN wins hands down!

No matter how big the screen is at home or the sound system, you will NEVER obtain the full experience – sound, clarity and total immersion.

Some people love the fact that you can place the movie on pause, do what you need to do and then carry on… I want the entire experience!

This escape from reality must not to be interrupted by a call or a visitor.  The viewer needs to be drawn into the tale; follow the twists and turns of a plot; gasp at the scenery and so much more.

The Next Chapter: Book Club 2

It was, therefore, really fitting to visit Cinema Nouveau for a journey to Italy with four old friends – Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Diane Keaton and Mary Steenburgen. What made it even more palatable was the manner in which they tied ‘the lockdown’ into the storyline.

Life is a series of curved balls and we need to look at it as a series of adventures waiting to be uncovered. Just so for these four friends who kept their book club going via the internet. However, when the day came that the masks were removed and they could gather once again, they jumped at the opportunity.

The surprise that lay in store set them on a totally different tangent resulting in trip to Italy.

Visits to Rome, Venice and Tuscany… and a totally new chapter in their lives.

Escape from reality

In my mind, this is exactly what a trip to the movies offers – an escape from reality. It’s an opportunity to venture into the lives of the rich and famous; pop into stores we could only dream of and visit sites we could never afford.

Movies are created to take one away from the drudgery of the norm and catapult us into a brand-new fictional universe where we don’t have to worry about paying the bills, cleaning the house etc.

The cares of the world evaporate as we traverse the cinematic adventure with coke and popcorn in hand. For those who are a bit more adventurous, there are snacks and alcoholic beverages too.

Cinema Nouveau, in particular, has leather seats which recline adding to the adventure.

The Next Chapter in your lives

Whether you are just setting out on life’s journey or whether you have weathered many storms, every relationship needs to be invigorated. A trip to the movies is an absolute MUST!

Cinema Nouveau is situated at Rosebank Mall – a mere five-minute walk away from The Jack Rose… and, there are plenty of taxis to take you around the block too. For a wider choice of movies, Ster-Kinekor has cinemas at The Zone (Rosebank), a few steps away from the Mall.

Nu-Metro cinemas are housed at Hyde Park Shopping Centre and Cine Centre at Killarney Mall – all within easy accessibility of the Jack Rose (JR).

Don’t rush home… treat the love of your life or even a friend to a movie, a meal and a fabulously comfortable night at the JR. Reserve your room today! Buffet breakfast is included in the price.

PS: A mid-week break is also a great idea. Cinemas offer discounts – Ster-Kinekor on a Tuesday and Nu-Metro on a Wednesday! Call Reception today +27108240876 for the best price.

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