Your ticket to the movies is your Ticket to Paradise

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Your ticket to paradise this October


It’s October and you have the opportunity to travel to Bali, Europe, the USA, Japan and more as your ticket to the movies is your ‘Ticket to Paradise’. Affordability is key – in fact, entrance to the 28th Japanese Film Festival is free! Ster-Kinekor offers discounts on a Tuesday and Nu Metro on a Wednesday!

Review: Ticket to Paradise (2022)

Ticket to Paradise George Clooney Julia Roberts


George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Kaitlyn Dever, Maxime Bouttier

Escapism with a touch of thought-provoking reality, that’s your Ticket to Paradise. Underlying the seeming simple scenarios: island getaway, girl-meets-boy and her parents’ acrimonious relationship are some topics which provide food for thought.

  1. How often do parents push their offspring into studying for careers which aren’t of their own choosing?
  2. How would you react, as a parent, if your child opts out after graduation to marry someone whom he/she has only just met?
  3. How would your children react, if they discovered you were planning to remarry?

The interaction between George Clooney and Julia Roberts is absolutely magical as is the magnificence of the setting. All-in-all, ‘A Ticket to Paradise’ is a wonderful cinematic journey!

Book now! SterKinekor (Rosebank) NuMetro (Hyde Park) CineCentre (Killarney Mall)


28th Japanese Film Festival

28th Japanese Film Festival

Venue: Rosebank Nouveau (14 – 16 October 2022)

Cost: FREE. To ensure your ticket to the movie, you need to be at the Box Office one hour prior to the start of each screening


Friday 14 October (7pm): The Lone Ume Tree

Saturday 15 October (11:45am): The House of the Lost on the Cape; 2:30pm: A Long Goodbye

Sunday 16 October (11:45am): Cinematic Liars of Asahi-za

9th European Film Festival

European Film Festival 2022

Venue: SterKinekor – The Zone Rosebank (13 – 23 October 2022)

This year, the festival is hybrid which means you can pop into a cinema complete with big screen, Dolby Sound, air-conditioning, popcorn and a variety of refreshments … or, you can watch from the comfort of your home. Personally, I opt for the former as there is no chance of someone popping by to interrupt my viewing.

This is an ongoing argument as many prefer to press the pause button. However, in my opinion, it not only interrupts the storyline but your immersion into the movie itself. I truly believe, your ticket to the movies is your ticket to paradise!

The selection of films has been curated by The Delegation of the European Union to South Africa collaborating with various embassies and cultural institutions.  There are 16 films encompassed under the theme ‘Innocence and Beyond’.

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