The Misfits (2021): The perfect crime?

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Since the rules are being broken anyway, I am also going to go against the grain by beginning this review with a question: Can a crime ever be justified? Think extremely carefully before you answer as justification can be found for any action or inaction, however, this is not an argument on morality – ‘The Misfits’, which opens this weekend (11 June 2021) is a movie that’s pure fun.


Pierce Brosnan returns to our screens as an elite international thief – Richard Pace, whose reputation precedes him. Although Richard has been captured numerous times, he’s always managed to escape from incarceration before finishing his prison term… it’s all about the challenge and, of course, the bling.

When he encounters ‘The Misfits’, he more than meets his match. Their goals for robberies, however, are not to enrich themselves but to support ‘worthy causes’. These modern-day Robin Hoods choose their targets in such a way that they are confident they’ll never be caught.

Fitting right in

While Richard is suave and debonair, it takes one conman to trap another with the ‘magpie-effect’. Richard really cannot help himself – the wallet lying on the table or the expensive jewellery are totally magnetic… and so begins a cinematic romp that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Leader of the pack – Ringo (Nick Cannon) has the ability to change his appearance like a chameleon and lightens even the heaviest of moods; Violet (Jamie Chung) on the other hand is a mixed martial arts champion whom even the biggest, brutish bully wouldn’t want to encounter; Prince (Rami Jaber) poses as… yes, you’ve guessed it – a Prince with the fastest, most expensive sportscars and more; and, last, but not least explosive’s expert – Wick (Mike Angelo), there’s absolutely nothing that cannot explode or implode at his touch.

And the plan… to break into a maximum security prison to steal gold bullion! All for the betterment of the world!


Pierce Brosnan, Mike Angelo, Hermione Corfield, Rami Jaber, Jamie Chung, Tim Roth, Nick Cannon



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